Chloe Lowery  

This native of Largo, FL, outside of Tampa, has been dancing since she was three, as well as singing, playing guitar and writing not long after that. She grew up on Broadway musicals and pop and by the age of nine, was performing at corporate events, and by 12, she was signed to a major-label recording contract with RCA Records, where “they tried to turn me into a combination of Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.”

Lowery had known producer/songwriter Ric Wake for years through her former manager, who was friendly with ex-Sony Music head Thomas D. Mottola and Mariah Carey. When she was 16, Lowery moved to New York with her sister, a dancer with the N.Y. Ballet Company, working in the studio with Wake and his songwriting team of Mark Russell and Dave Scheuer (Jessica Simpson, Marc Anthony, Anastacia) for a number of years before he introduced her to Yanni, who invited the now-20-year-old to join the duo’s burgeoning talent company at its south Florida compound.

As a teenager, Lowery became a fan of classic rock and singers like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, then toured last summer performing Janis Joplin’s songs with her original band, Big Brother and the Holding Company.

“That was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” she says. “To be able to sing the music of a legend was such an honor, but it was difficult, too, because people were constantly judging and comparing me to her. The guys were great, though. They told me plenty of interesting stories.”

Since joining the Yanni Wake Entertainment team, Lowery has “learned a great deal about myself as a vocalist… They’ve made me reach farther, and sing things I wouldn’t have even dream of singing. Yanni had me expanding my range as a singer. I trained in opera when I was younger, but I haven’t touched an aria in years.”

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