Jolie Edwards  

Entertaining didn't always come easy for JOLIE EDWARDS. As a shy kid from Omaha, NE, she kept her dreams of becoming a country music star behind closed doors (literally). She would only sing from behind her bedroom door and for only one person - her mama. She remembers the moment that gave her confidence enough to try the stage. "My mama had a friend over one day and begged me to sing for her. I agreed, but only if they would listen from outside my bedroom door. They did and I did my best rendition of Looking Through the Eyes of Love (theme from the Ice Castles). When I finished and opened the door, they were both in tears. It was exactly that moment, at the ripe old age of 10, that I felt the power of music. I thought, 'if I can make people cry, then maybe I can make them laugh and feel all kinds of emotions.' I knew then I had to come out of my shell."

JOLIE began enrolling in local talent shows, placing her first time out with Dolly Parton's "Two Doors Down", now a staple of JOLIE's live set. She continued performing in the Midwest throughout her junior high years and as a senior in high school, she landed a steady gig with a local group, playing 6 nights a week at local clubs. It was around that time, when she met her husband-to-be (Marty Edwards), a deejay emceeing a show at one of the clubs where JOLIE was performing. After they were married, JOLIE tried to put the music down and did for almost 2 years. But one day her husband came to her and said, "You are an incredible wife and am amazing mother, but I think you would be a happier wife and mother if you were singing again".

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