Marcia Clark  

Ms. Clark began the practice of law in criminal defense (two years as an attorney and two years as a law clerk). She joined the Office of the District Attorney in Los Angeles in 1981 where she handled thousands of cases, ranging from drunk driving to child molestation, armed robbery and murder, four of which were cases in which the death penalty was sought. Three of those defendants now sit on death row.

Marcia tried a number of high profile cases prior to the O,J. Simpson case, including the prosecution of stalker/murderer Robert Bardo, whose conviction for the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer resulted in legislation that offered victims better protection from stalkers as well as increased punishment for the offenders.

Since the Simpson trial, Ms. Clark has toured the U.S. and Canada giving lectures on a variety of women’s issues including domestic violence and inspirational/motivational speeches, as well as lectures on public service careers, and of course, the Trial of the Century.
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